About us


The mobile app that enables autonomy for all children and people with cognitive and mental disorders

WatcHelp will program a series of step by step tasks. The instructions come in the form of text, pictures or pictograms on a connected watch that vibrates to alert the users. They will respond in one click to instantly inform parents or professionals that they have received and followed the instructions.

The application is customizable and adaptable to every situation and for every age.

At the origin of the development of the WatcHelp app, there is Estelle AST, mother of a child with autism. She has battled for many years to improve the autonomy of her son and people suffering from cognitive and mental disorders : Autism, Alzheimer, Parkinson, trisomy, TDAH…

“Today, our mission is to develop digital, customizable and affordable solutions, user friendly and available on connected objects in order to bring autonomy to all children and people with cognitive or mental disorders”.