"After using the WatcHelp application for two months, my son Yanis, 11 years old, gets dressed on his own in the morning. I don’t have to guide him every step of the way and I have some time for myself. It also saves time at dinner time, no more rush! This app is truly beneficial for Yanis’ autonomy and quality of life."
"For me, your invention is a true revolution for autonomy. WatcHelp allows our child to become autonomous and gain in confidence. My son feels “grownup” with his watch. We are slowly starting with a few tasks. I strongly believe in your innovation and I congratulate and thank you."
"For me, WatcHelp means the joy and happiness of seeing my child take new initiatives and gain more and more autonomy everyday while enjoying it. Ethan is multi-dys (dyspraxia, dysgraphia and dysorthographia) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). He now has a sense of time and more than anything can find, via the WatcHelp memo function, answers to situations he finds alarming and destabilizing (like not finding his keys or arriving late). Now he even expresses his difficulties and tell us what he would need the watch to do to help him. It is an everyday relief and joy. Everyday tasks are now done easily and without anger and frustration. Thank you for all these innovations : they make our lives so much easier. "
"Mathis has been using WatcHelp for one month. It already facilitates his life as well as that of all the family. He is autonomous for everyday tasks (he washes, dresses and goes to bed on his own). However, it is difficult for him to accept our requests. Since using WatcHelp, that is over. There is no more reluctance to get ready in the morning. When we tell him ‘Get dressed for school”, he replies NO! But, as soon as his watch vibrates and he sees the ‘I get dressed’ pictogram, he just gets ready, without any argument. WatcHelp avoids all the daily crises and is beneficial for the whole family. Thank-you"